Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Vintage on Ebay!

I realised today (while trawling Ebay for bargains!) that it's been a good long while since I did a Vintage on Ebay post. So, after several hours of trawling through pages and pages of, lets face it, mostly rubbish, here are a few Vintage and Vintage-inspired gems I happened across:


BNWT Womens vintage stripe nautical button 80s top T M, Starting Bid, £0.99



Sunday, 29 May 2011

Dorothy Perkins Colour Crush....

I'm trying to save money and ignore the lure of online shopping... It's proving difficult as there are SO many things I'd like to buy in time for summer. In particular, Dorothy Perkins have really pulled out the stops when it comes to beautiful colourful clothing.... everyone knows bright summery colours are going to be huge this season, and DP have certainly jumped on the rainbow bandwagon...

Monday, 23 May 2011

P is for Pleated Palazzo Pants....

I would like to thank Asos for finally making a beautiful pair of Palazzo Pants for Petites! Us shorter ladies can finally digg that 70s vibe!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Sneak Peek.....

A sneak peek at tomorrow's outfit post :-)

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was surprisingly good, considering I've been an LaNoire widow for most of it! ;-)
Untill tomorrow,

~ Little Rachael ~

P.s. Who's watching Orphan on Channel 4? Scary stuff...

Saturday, 21 May 2011

A Little Piece of Heaven

SO, we've come to the end of my Italy posts :-(. I have to admit, I've been stretching them out as long as I can (I think I'm still in denial about having to come home!) and I would recommend Sorrento to all of you. It was honestly one of the best weeks of my life.
On the very last day, we decided to stay in Sorrento and savour the atmosphere. We came across this BEAUTIFUL court yard which was the perfect sun trap. Round the edges you can just see some of the University's artwork displayed on the walls. 

Apparently you can hold small wedding ceremonies right there under the willow tree - how pretty would that be?

Later on, we went back to one of our favourite bars - which has it's own little secret garden hidden around the back. Perfect for an afternoon Nastro Azzuro!

Vintage Print Dress - Rare
Retro Sunglasses - Asos
Striped Cardigan - Primark
Belt - Dorothy Perkins.
I still adore that vintage print dress - I bought it last summer before our trip to Olu Deniz. It's very silky and lightweight - feels great on the skin and perfect for hot weather!

I miss the sunshine! We seem to have a peak of it today (sort of) so I may head out in a bit to take some outfit post shots :-)

Happy weekend everyone!

~ Little Rachael xx

p.s. isn't Luke cute? ;-)

p.p.s 13 more followers before my very first giveaway!! 


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Dee V - Diana Vicker's Very Vintage Range.

I've been a fan of Diana Vicker's style for a while now: she's come full circle from her no-shoes ditzy free spirit style X Factor days to seriously chic pop starlet front-row style icon.
Diana is obviously very into her fashion, as well as her vintage, so it's not such a big surprise that she's the latest in a long line of stars to launch their own fashion line for an existing high street band. We've had Kate Moss for Topshop, Fearne Cotton for Very and Lily Allen for New Look. Now online retailer very.co.uk have taken on little miss Vickers as their latest celebrity designer. How much designing these stars actually do is up for debate (I suspect "collaborator" is a little more accurate), but never the less Dee Vee, with it's quirky charm and vintage feel, is certainly worth a peek.

Diana's range is available now! Click here to see more.

~ Little Rachael x

Monday, 16 May 2011

Day up a Volcano.

One of the things we did while in Italy was visit Mount Vesuvius, the volcano responsible for the destruction of Pompeii in 79AD. It's strangely beautiful, and is the only active volcano on the European mainland.

Denim Jacket - George @ Asda
Stripey Vest Top - Vintage
Khaki Chinos & Belt - Dorothy Perkins
Floral Scarf - Sorrento
Sandals - Shoe Zone
Retro Sunglasses - Asos

On the way home, we decided to visit Herculaneum - which is another Roman settlement  buried in the same eruption that hit Pompeii. The excavation site is much much smaller than Pompeii's, though as Herculaneum was hit by boiling mud rather than hot ash and gas, it was actually much more preserved. In places the original wooden beams and furniture can still be seen, as the wood was encased in mud and prevented from decaying! I found the artwork and mosaics the most impressive and it was quite mind boggling to know they were created over 2000 years ago - well before the time of Jesus!

The crazy exam season has started at work - so I'm not entirely sure how much time I'm going to have! I'm dying to do some more outfit posts but the weather has been pretty rubbish this week - hence me wishing I was back in the Sorrento sun!! :-)
How were your weekends?

Little Rachael xxx

Friday, 13 May 2011

Etsy Update/ Pompeii

I've added a couple more pieces to my Etsy shop this week, though I've still not had time to photograph the Alice in Wonderland ones and get them up - I'll do that soon, I promise. 
I've also sold 2 necklaces this week - I felt so proud! Once exams are over I'm going into Little Rachael Overdrive to promote the range and hopefully dedicate a lot more time to it. I'd do it for a living if I could! I love sitting making the jewellery and would wear every single piece myself! (a lot of the necklaces I've intended to sell have ended up on me instead... Woops. :-) 

The Singer Sewing Machine necklace is one of my favourites and is coupled with a little silvertone pair of scissors: it's so adorable! I've made one for myself and another two identical to sell. Other new items include the cute bike and penny farthing charms! I've made one each of these for myself too: I can't help it, I love 'em.

I'm really missing Italy - especially now we're fully into Exam mode at work. The first Exam starts on Monday and it's Year 11 English! Usually we get a quiet start and build-up to the exam season, but not this year, they're throwing us in at the deep end! Everything is sorted and organised though, so I'm not worried. Now Maths is another issue all together!

I realised that when I was talking about Italy and how amazing it was to visit Pompeii, I never actually posted any pictures. The photographs really do NOT do the place justice, and you have to visit the site itself to get the true awe of the place. I took hundreds of photographs that day - here's a very small selection:

Mount Vesuvius overlooking Pompeii

 2000 year old artwork - incredibly preserved.

 The Temple of Apollo

Me, standing in front of the Temple of Isis
An incredible mosaic

Jeans - Dorothy Perkins. Cropped T-Shirt - H! by Henry Holland. Cardigan and Shoes - Primark. Necklace - Dalaman Airport.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Little Rachael xxxx