Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Another Modcloth post!!

I am absolutely IN LOVE with Modcloth. Everytime I think they could not possibly cram any more beautiful pieces into their collection, they surprise me yet again. There has never been so many things on one site that I wanted to buy... it's insane.

They have simply outdone themselves with their "On Cloud 9" collection - a range of eight put together looks (Jubilant, Lighthearted, Delighted, Joyous, Ecstatic, Elated, Euphoric and Exhilarated) so there's something for every summer mood and event! I did expect their to be 9 looks, what with the name and everything, but I've counted them 3 times, just to be sure, and there's definitely only 8 there! :-p Here are some of my favourite pieces from the "On Cloud 9" collection:


 Skies of Blue Dress,  $84.99

Watch for Snake Eyes, $29.99

Toast and Jam Flat, $69.99  
Too Good to Be True Romper, $69.99


Scholarly Method Flat, $119.99

Too Hat to Handle! $47.99

Cuneiform Boot, $127.99

I personally LOVE the first dress, the snake eyes watch and the cuneiform boots are amazing!!!

 Which is your favourite?

Happy Shopping!!

 Little Rachael xxxxxx 

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunny weekend!

Sorry for my lack of blogging this week... I've been super busy for once! Becky came round Wednesday and Thursday to watch multiple episodes of Project Catwalk, haha. We both love analysing that show... we're addicted! On Friday, Luke and I spent a few hours sitting in the sun in Ben and Vicky's garden drinking beers and painting faces!! Vicky was practising Face Painting for an arts and crafts event she's doing on Sunday! I ended up going home with a multicoloured abstract piece painted across my face!!

On Saturday, we went to Jehane and Adams barbecue which was lovely as we haven't seen them in a while!!

Nude lace cover up, Primark
Stripy vest top, vintage
High-Waisted shorts, Miss Selfridge
Shoes, George at Asda.
Necklace, RegalRose, via Ebay

The guy on the left is Adam, the one on the right is Luke :-)

Today we went to my mum and dad's to watch the Football. I hate football, and have reluctantly gotten sucked in against my will. This game reminded me exactly why I hate football!! More than enough said on that subject, I think.

I've just been browsing the New Look website for some bargains, and have to say that, although they are still very hit-and-miss when it comes to finding beautiful clothing, they seem to have upped their game a little lately.

I'm currently lusting after these items....

Floral Ruffle Neck Sundress

Crop Floral Vest


 Ladder Knit Top


Chiffon Ruffle Top


The Fairest Crop Jumper

 I realise I still haven't listed my collection on Ebay... bare with me! Little Rachael Pendants will be on sale very, very soon.

Happy Shopping!!

Little Rachael xxxx

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Days....

I went to see Alice last night at Sheffield Crucible - I loved it. The woman from Green Wing played the Queen of Hearts and she was amazing!!! It was lovely to find time to spend with my girls too!

My outfit:
Denim Dress, Ankle boots and black tights - all Primark
Cardigan - Vintage
Bag - Ebay
Earrings - Little Rachael Collection
Ship pendant - Little Rachael Collection
Peacock pendant - Ebay

Father's day today... we went for lunch at the Earl of Strafford and ate more food than one small girl can possibly manage :) Unfortunetly the Sunday Night Blues have hit now... Meh.

On another note, I've finally got hold of some scales and padded envelopes... so expect The Little Rachael Collection to be up for sale in the next couple of days!!! :)

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! :)
Rach xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Sunny Days.

I'm crossing my fingers and toes for sunny weather this weekend so I can get out in the 'shine with my camera :) Today was really promising and the first day of the summer where I've worn a dress for work! Pity I'm stuck inside an office or exam hall all day!!

I managed to catch an hour after work this week to go shopping in town. Can I just say how much I'm LOVING Primark right now? I always think Primark is a bit hit-and-miss and in the past it's always been a place where I would have to hunt among rails of hideous clothing before I fell upon something I adored.

This week however, I walked into, quite literally, a different store. The Rotherham Primark shop has always had a bit of a jumble-sale style clothes-all-over feel to it. In recent weeks they've FINALLY gotten around to updating the decor/presentation and have replaced the old look with a chic, modern true high street feel. To go along with the new look store, they suddenly also seemed to have decided to sell a full range of quirky vintage and floral style clothing that's bang on-trend. I was very impressed, and walked out having spent nearly £50 but feeling like I'd grabbed some killer bargains!

Outfit posts will most likely come later in the week but for now, here are the dresses I bought, laid out on my bed!

The floral dress is really cute and flirty, and the pale denim is one of the best denim dresses I've found in any high street shop - for both style and fit. I love the pockets!
I wore the stripey dress for work today and I love that one too - though I did get a few "you look french" comments. haha. I'm not really sure what that means!!

Though I've found a few cute dresses, It has been a sad sad week for the shoe world. One of the straps on my beloved pale gold sandals snapped while I was at work - It was irreparable unfortunately. :( To add insult to injury, because the strap was snapped and couldn't be re-fastened, I couldn't really walk properly with the it flapping all over the place. As I still had a full working day to go and only one shoe I could reasonable walk in, I was forced to do THIS to my favourite shoes:

As you can see, the bottom photo is the intact shoe and the top photo is the shoe I had to take scissors to in order to be able to walk without tripping up!! :( so sad.

Father's Day on Sunday...... any ideas?!?

Happy Thursday!

Little Rachael xxxxxx

Monday, 14 June 2010

Beautiful looks - from the High Street!

Here are a couple of GORGEOUS items to be found on the High Street right now:

Miss Selfridge

Mint Green Crochet Back Dress, Price: £47.00 (Also available in Nude)

Chiffon Insert Cardi, Price £35.00

Embellished Bead Skirt, Price £45.00


Sequin Line Tee, Price £65.00

Loop Pocket Hareems, Price £38.00

Cotton halter playsuit, Kate Moss, Price £45.00

Dorothy Perkins

Navy linen ruched jacket , Price: £35.00

Tan Leather Sling Back Clogs, Price £40.00

Happy Shopping!!
Little Rachael xxxxxxxx