Friday, 30 April 2010

Spotlight on: Barton and Barton

I ADORE Barton and Barton. They're an online vintage... sorry "Fine Used Wares" store. Some of their items are delightful and at semi-reasonable prices. They will also ship to anywhere in the world!!

As always, here are some of my favourites:




Barton and Barton also sell a range of vintage and shabby chic style items for the home! Here are a couple of things that I was really tempted to buy:

Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend! Although the weather is looking as if it's going to be a bit rubbish. Sunday should be fun - Luke's band are playing in Dickens again, and their last gig was awesome. They seem a lot more confident and relaxed now that they have the set tight. I really enjoyed the gig last night and ran into a lot of old friends who I haven't seen for a very long time!

If you like Metal, check them out - Http://

Happy Shopping!

Little Rach

New Summer 10 range from

I'm in love with some of Mango's new Summer 10 range, below are some of the items I'd really like to buy!



I love all of these! I really wish I could justify spending the money!

Happy Shopping!

Little Rachael

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Spotlight on!

Today's find is, a website that sells vintage clothes, jewellery and accessories of all kinds at reasonable prices!

Here are some of my favourite pieces:

Vintage Floral Brooch In Soft Colours, £4.99

Happy Shopping!

Little Rachael

60 Fans on Facebook!

Happy "60 Fans on Facebook" day! :-p

Real post later... I have to go pick up a prescription. Girly night with Jehane tonight!!

Little Rach x

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Little Rachael Pendants!

I just spent over £20.00 at If you like making your own jewellery then this website sells a wide range of vintage style charms from tiny brass Eiffel Towers to alice-in-wonderland cameos. They're beautiful! I've ordered a wide selection - I'm thinking of making my own vintage style necklaces with the charms and pendants I bought! If I sell any on Ebay, I'll be sure to let you know!!

Here are some of the charms/pendants I bought:

Head over to and speeeeennnnd!

Happy Shopping

Little Rach

Monday, 26 April 2010

Vintage Ebay!

A few pretty vintage pieces on Ebay tonight! :)

Time Left: 9 days

Current Bid: US $32.88

VTG 60s ORNATE Marble Brooch Scarf Pin Clip Gold Colour,
Buy-it-now: £4.99 or best offer

Happy Shopping!

Little Rachael

I love to rediscover old outfits!!

I love it when you discover an outfit at the back of your wardrobe that you haven't worn for ages.... and realise why you loved it so much in the first place!

I did that today.

I bought this dress from Primark (!) about 3 years ago and I still love the style. Plus, I wore it on my first date with Luke 2 1/2 years ago!! The golden sandals were from Barretts bought around 2 summers ago, the satchel is vintage and was an Ebay find! The necklace is the owl one that I featured in this post

My knee looks busted up.....

Little Rachael

Sunday, 25 April 2010

I think I just fell in love.....

Today's find is - I was hooked the minute I laid eyes on their delightful banner - and that was before i even began browsing their adorable dresses!!

All are affordable - similar to high street prices you'd find in places like Topshop and Mango - the main problem for me would be that I'd have to pay for shipping on top of that. Some of their 'sale' items may tempt me though!!!

My favourites of their dresses are below.

Wedding Singer Dress, $36.49, reduced from $72.99

Black Diamond Day Dress, $37.49 reduced from $74.99

The next three are divine, but regrettably all are currently out of stock :(  (You can see why!)
There's a dim light at the end of the tunnel though - you can choose to sign up for email alerts on your favourite dresses and Mod Cloth will notify you when they come back in stock!

Late Afternoon Dress - $49.99 - currently out of stock

Corner Booth Dress, $61.99 - currently out of stock

Charades Dress, $44.99 - currently out of stock

I came across Mod Cloth while I was searching for new online vintage shops, and found their site as they have a vintage section. Unfortunately, every item appeared to already have been bought and no matter what I sorted the clothing by (most love, price, a-z) everything still appeared to be 'sold'. Frustratingly, there's no option to sort the clothes by what's available, but perhaps that's because nothing was!! Out of the items there are, the ones I most wished had been available were the two dresses below.

Despite the lack of vintage items, the site is definitely worth a visit. I've only featured my favourite dresses here but Mod Cloth also carries a range of tops, trousers, skirts, knits, swimwear accessories and shoes.

Happy Shopping!

Little Rachael x

Vintage for your hair!

One thing I need to by more of is pretty vintage hair slides! They add that classy touch to any atire.

These are some of my favourites available now from

The Real Deal (with the price tag to match):

DECO style rhinestone hair comb, £60.00
Vintage rhinestone leaf hair comb, £78.00

The "vintage inspired" (and therefore more affordable) :

BUTTERFLY crystal tiara hair comb, £14.99



~ Little Rachael x