Saturday, 9 April 2011

Little Rachael Recommends...

I've wanted to do an outfit post over the last couple of days, but I've been off work poorly sick and lets be honest, nobody wants to see that! ;-)

With that in mind here's a little bit of inspiration and some blog recommendations, followed by some very good news :-)

She Wore WHAT?!Into the fold , Kenzie Faith, L'armadio del delitto, A Fashion Love Affair, The Fall.

I hope you like these bloggers as much as I do! I love reading new blogs so please feel free to leave a link to your blog in the comments below and I will check it out :-)

On to the good news... I sold my first necklace of The Little Rachael Collection on Thursday!! :-) (By sell, I mean on Etsy and to someone who wasn't a friend, family member or acquaintance!) I'm super excited about it as I've been trying to get this little venture off the ground for a while, lets hope its the start of a new phase for Little Rachael! The lady who purchased this beautiful design is from the US (I'm from the UK - very reasonable shipping charges I might add!) and she chose the Angel in Paris necklace, which I have to admit is one of my favourites :-)

There's now only one of this design left, so buy it now if you like it! ;-) You can find this and my other designs at Keep an eye on the shop - I'll be adding brand new items very soon!

My other good news is that Luke and I have just booked a holiday - to Sorrento! I'm really excited as I've never been to Italy before and it's one of those places I've always always wanted to go to. Hopefully we'll get to visit Capri and Pompeii too, how exciting!! We leave on Friday, so watch this space for some Italian flavour!

I need 30 more followers until the giveaway! Spread the word ;-) .....

Leave me a comment and tell me your news - I've been housebound for too long now! ;-)


Little Rachael.


  1. ahh thank you! glad you like the blog :)

  2. cècile (from l'armadio del delitto) is one of my favourite blogger* she's always elegant with a touch of vintage pieces and most of all she doesn't follow blindly fashion diktat!

  3. The necklace is very beautiful! It looks like it gives a promise... Get better soon! I am off to check out the blogs you recommended :)


  4. I love A Fashion Love Affair! She's adorable. Will definitely check out your other recommendations. Congratulations on your first Etsy sale.

  5. aww, I am so honoured to appear on your blog! Glad you liked my outfit! I love your jewellery I'll definitely be checking out your shop and maybe you'll make another sale! I'm sure you will!
    Thankyou for all your comments too I read and really appreciate every one. Lovely girl!

    Much love amie xoxo

  6. Thank you for the blog love!
    xo Cara

  7. Oooh thank you so much, I'm so glad to appear in this post!

  8. Love the "tour effel" chain...
    you've it nice here!!

    greetings from munich...


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