Sunday, 18 July 2010

Holidays, Jewellery and BNTM!

There's one week left of work until my holiday period starts!! I cannot wait - I'm especially excited about being able to spend much more time blogging and FINALLY getting the Little Rachael Vintage collection up and selling! On the latter note.... keep your eyes peeled for another post this afternoon! (Hopefully!)....

In the mean time, I thought I'd take five minutes to comment on the latest series of Britain's Next Top Model. As most of you know, I am completely addicted to both the Top Model franchise as well as both Project Runway and Project Catwalk. I was expecting big things from the new series of BNTM, especially as they've replaced Lisa Snowdon (who i only ever remember as "George Clooney's ex" and "the woman did those Special K adverts in the 90's" !!) with the world-famous Australian Elle Macpherson. I've got to say I've been a little disappointed so far, and no-one's stood out for me yet. I think one of my main annoyances is the addition of the immensely irritating Julian Macdonald on the judging panel. Anyone else remember his digs at the "larger lady" designer on Project Catwalk series 2? Not only do I find his designs a bit naff, but he needs to learn that showing a little humility is not a weakness! I can't stand that man.

Lianna Fowler, the winner of Series 2, is still my all-time favourite contestant - followed closely by last year's Jade Mcsorley (she was lovely - I still think she should have won... Mecia who?) The two BNTM alumni have actually just appeared in a new Swatch campaign together!

I absolutely love Lianna's slightly-gawky androgynous beauty. I think she's absolutely stunning, and from her time on the show she came across as a humble, down-to-earth girl who was completely unaware of her own beauty. I'm a sucker for that!! :p

Here are some beautiful shots from both Lianna's website and her Models 1 portfolio:

I love that last photo - god knows how she managed to balance while doing that!!

Much love - Check back later for the jewellery post! (Come on - I need a little encouragement to get it done! ^_^  )

Little Rachael xxxxxxxx


  1. wow that last pic is awesome! She has done soo well i had no idea!

    lookin forward to the collection! x

  2. lianna is so, so beautiful. i saw her at a catwalk show at london fashion weekend two years ago, my mum got my her autograph. hehe. i've still got it somewhere...

    love, jazzabelle. xxx


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