Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wedding Attire? Your assistance please!!

Bloody Weddings!

I've just realised that Luke's sister's wedding is in two weeks and I STILL don't have a dress sorted. For someone who adores fashion and vintage I cannot find ANYTHING I like. Granted, I haven't been 'out on the street' active searching for anything, but, as usual, I've done my fair share of internet trawling. Everything I've found that I've really really liked are either out-of-stock, not in my size or completely unsuitable for a wedding! Point and evidence...:

I LOOOVE this Topshop dress... but of course, out-of-stock.

Gorgeous, but probably too short for a wedding!!
I love this - but even I wouldn't wear black to a wedding!!

Help please! All the above issues aside, you still have to contend with the fact that I'm only 5"3 and a UK size 6 - I'm like child-size! haha. I had originally intended to treat myself to a ModCloth dress (swoon!) But I think I've left it a little late for shipping et all. So now it's up to YOU! :-p Let your challenge begin.... ;-)

Little Rachael xxxxxxx


  1. I actually really like the second dress, and I don't think it be too bad for a wedding and your being 5'3 might actually be a good thing ;)


  2. Try the ASOS sale! There are a ton of cute dresses.

    I particularly like this for a wedding:

    Happy hunting!

    - Catherine at Littlehouse of Style

  3. I really love the first 2! :) xo- karrie

  4. ahh, the first topshop dress is amazingly beautiful! such a shame it's sold out. i agree with anita, because of your size you could probably get away with it :)

    check out your local charity shops. who knows, you might find the most perfect dress in one!

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  5. That's my next plan - There's a vintage fair in Sheffield this Saturday too.

    Thank you for your lovely comments ^_^

  6. There's a dress I saw in Primark today and I actually thought I love that but it's the sort of thing you'd wear to a wedding! It's nude-pink colour with a black bow around the waist and made of a lovely chiffon style material, I wish I could get a picture!

  7. Ooo I'll have to go for a look! Didnt find a dress at the vintage fair - lots of pretty brooches and a bracelet though!


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