Thursday, 5 August 2010

Not so Rare,,,,

So, my Rare order came this week. I have to say, my earlier excitement was replaced by slight disappointment, mainly because half the order was far too small for me, whereas the other half, the fit was quite loose! All pieces were a UK size 6. I'm really tiny, and a UK 8 would definitely be too big. Rare even go down to a UK size 4, so if a 6 doesn't fit me, I dread to think the size of those girls!! Maybe I am actually putting on a bit of weight... that would be nice!!!

I do love this look below, even if Luke called me "Sailor" for about an hour... haha. The quality of the photos isn't fantastic - I didn't realise until afterwards that Luke had the camera on completely the wrong setting! (Men!)

Dress, Rare
Lace-up wedges, Primark
Bag, Vintage, via Ebay
Pocket Watch Necklace, Ebay
Headband, Dorothy Perkins
Tights, Primark

Last Saturday was the Sheffield Vintage Fair - great fun! The guy on the door recognised me straight away as he apparently went to school with my brother! (Not a compliment when someone you've never met knows who you are because you look like your brother!!) I didn't manage to find any clothing i wanted, but I did come home with several brooches, two necklaces and a bracelet. I had to take one of the links out to make it fit my miniature wrists (one of the reasons I rarely wear bracelets) but I'm so happy with it now! I will post photos later :-)

A lot of the items there were similar to the sorts of things i make, so I'm considering having a stall there in October!

I've left the most exciting news till last - Luke and I have just booked a last minute holiday to Olu Deniz in Turkey! It looks beautiful - I can't wait!! I worked out that it's been 6 years since I went abroad for a beach-holiday. Far too long! I will be sure to post some photos once we get back!

Happy Thursday!

Little Rachael xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

EDIT: I *just* found out that I've won the I Heart Vintage giveaway! I never win anything usually, and this is the best prize EVER:

Thank You so much Kavita!! I will post photos once it arrives :-)

Rach xxx


  1. your sailor look is so lovely. the shoes look so nice on you. love the bag as well xx

  2. What a charming ensemble!
    The footwear is so hot, but I adore the striped top.

  3. You look awesome Rach! Love it! xx

  4. I missed the Sheffield vintage fair, gutted! Though I hear there's one on the 25th September...

    Claire @ Jazzpad


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