Friday, 27 August 2010

I'm Baaaackk! - Best week of my life!

Helloooo Everyone!! It's been quite a while since my last blog entry. As most of you know, I went to Turkey for a week with the beautiful Luke (BEST. WEEK. EVER.) and then this week has, of course, been GCSE Results week so it's been absolutely MENTAL.

Turkey was amazing... I've never actually been before and was a little naive about just how beautiful it is! We avoided Marmaris (not keen..) and instead stayed in Oludeniz, argueably the most beautiful place in Turkey. To top it off, two of our really good friends were staying just up the mountain in Hisanoru and we ended up having some very random entertaining nights with them!! Despite work being crazy mental this week, I'm still buzzing... I just wish we'd had longer than a week there!! I'll be back to the normal blogging and vintage chatter when I get a wee bit more free time (Sid and Abby coming to stay this weekend! the ball doesn't stop rolling at the moment!!) but for now, here are a couple of my favourite pictures from our holiday <3


Saklikent Gorge - one of the most beautiful places we visited - that water was FREEZING.

Top: vintage
Cut offs - New Look

White water rafting

Mud  Bath!

Vintage print dress, Rare

Fetiye Market!


Top: Vintage
Cut Offs: New Look
Sunglasses: Vintage
Sandals: Shoe zone

I really wanted to spend more time there, we definitely have to go for longer than a week next time!

Have any of you been anywhere nice this summer? Turkey definitely made up for the dissapointing English summer we've been having.

Little Rachael <3


  1. Wau, this looks so amazing, and the mud bath must have been some experience! I´d love to try that someday! ;-D

    Welcome home girl!

    A Shopaholic is loose...

  2. LOVE the mud pics, you guys look too cute xx

  3. the mud bath looks amazing! though i don't think i could ever go in such a thing, hehe. you look so pretty, especially in the pictures with you sipping the cocktails, your hair is so lovely! xxx


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