Sunday, 5 September 2010

Another day, another blog design.

In my super-busy post-holiday back-to-work frenzy, I haven't managed to find much time at all to blog this week! I've finally managed to find a lull in activities and spent the last few hours updating the blog layout! What do you think?! I'm still not sure about the background image... it isn't one of my own, just one off the blogger choices, but I quite liked it a first... I'm not quite sure if it goes with the new banner though?!

That banner was a MASSIVE achievement for me today, haha, as I finally worked out how to create images with transparent backgrounds. I could have kicked myself for not knowing it was as simple as the file format I was using.. I seem to default to JPG which, I'm sure most of you have known for AGES, doesn't support transparent backgrounds. I then moved on to GIF - quickly realising it could handle transparent images but not semi-transparent. I really wanted to be able to give that "filter" effect with a definite colour but so you could still see the background behind. It was at this point that I have now been introduced to PNG - a file format I have to admit, I have never used before in my life. I realise this is probably something you all know already and is therefore very boring and mundane! haha, sorry about that.

Annyyywayyy... do you like?! The blog frame is now wide enough to display photos the way I wanted, which was the main motivation behind changing the layout in the first place (that and I get bored easily!). I'm relatively happy with it overall!

Now, enough about that - lets inject just a little bit of vintage into this post -and with that, I present to you the Prince of Wales! If you haven't already seen this article for Sky News, give it a read here. Mr Windsor may be a bit of a fuddy duddy, but his heart, I feel, is always in the right place.

As a send off till next time, here are a few inspirational images to cast your eyes over....

Doris Raymond's GORGEOUS LA Store

vintage fashion photography

Ziegfield photograph of Dolores Costello

How have all your weekends been?

Little Rachael xxx


  1. well done on the header! your new layout looks laaaavley!!
    ahhh vintage <3 i adore your vintage inspired and vintage pictures, they make me feel at home :')

    i definitely recommend the 1000D! it cost me £349, but only because my auntie works at Argos haha! full price it should have been £399 :)

    it's pretty much the cheapest decent canon out there, i can't wait to buy some more lenses :D xxxxxxx

  2. Omg that last picture is beautiful!

  3. Yeah that store looks gorgeous, I say the same!=)

  4. You're welcome, thank you for your comment!=)

  5. love the header!I always give up on designing layout for my blog ;p love the pic of Dolores!^^ xx

  6. Cool new template girl!!!


    PS: I new your help to choose my new Jackie purse, if sand or pink color. Hope to see u in my blog!


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