Sunday, 27 March 2011

A Night on the Tiles.... :-)

Last night, we went to see a friend's gig in town. They're called The Hot Soles - Myspace them now! They were amazing, overall a really good night.
Velvet Lace Insert Dress, Asos. Suede Peep-Toe shoe-boots, Asos. Black Tights, Dorothy Perkins.
Blue Shell Bag, Watch and Pearl Bracelet, all Vintage. Necklace, The Little Rachael Collection :-)

Thank you so much for the responses to my jewellery - it's all very positive! I'm not really sure how to go about advertising/promoting as I'm completely new to this kind of thing. I just know I adore them, really enjoy making them and hope they can find good homes! :-) If you think you can help to promote the collection, I would be forever in your debt! Just let me know :-)

I've also decided that if I can make it to 100 followers, I'm going to do my first ever giveaway!! The winner will get to choose any necklace they want  from the collection - can you help me get there, loyal followers?!

Here's a couple more pieces that I've just put up for sale on Etsy (CLICK HERE):

Vintage Style Cute Teapot Charm Pendant Necklace, 2 Available, Only £4.99!


Check out my other items in Friday's Post
Do you like? Please treat yourself and purchase if you do :-) I'd love to get this little venture off the ground!!

Enough Etsy plugging ;-) ....what do you think of the new hair?!

Love x


  1. Those necklaces are gorgeous! And i love that lace dress, literally love everything lace. Following now :)
    Sami xx

  2. Cute outfit! I love lace!

  3. Cute dress!


  4. i like your dress! super cute! :)

    Regards from

  5. cute outfit. love the lace on the back :)

  6. sweet outfit!! you have amazing hair!!


    following :)

  7. Thanks for all you lovely comments! ^_^ My hair isn't usually that shiny, hehe, I'd JUST been to the hairdressers that day and had it dyed. :-)

  8. i love your dress! your hair is beautiful :) have a wonderful day!

    love, M

  9. Wow, your outfit is very pretty and classy, and your hair is just amazing! I love deep, bright red hair but I never really risk dying my hair.

    I also love your blue clutch, it's so pretty and adds color to the simple black dress. :)

    The necklaces are just beautiful! I can't believe you make them yourself, they look as good quality as the pendants you find in Accessorize, hehe.

    I can't wait for the giveaway! :)

    Lubna | elle VOX

  10. Great gig outfit!! My beau of the moment has a band "The 95th" - myspace them! :p

    Really interesting blog

    Bex xox

  11. aaahhh I like your haircolor... when I was sixteen I tried dyeing my hair red. Yeah... didnt work out the way I hoped/the way you got it. Well, I guess it's only made for som ppl:)

  12. Wow, You look great in that velvet dress!
    and the color is beautiful!
    I would pay money to see more pics of your great style!
    and I would love to wear that piece too!


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