Friday, 18 March 2011

Style Stalker: Emma Watson

Does anyone else remember the moment when Emma Watson transformed from sweet, young Hermione Granger into a chic sophisticated Chanel-wearing Vogue-cover-bearing young lady? The haircut transformed her, certainly, but her style epiphany happened well before that (remember those Burberry ads?). She's fast become one of my biggest style crushes.

And this is why:


Little Rachael xx


  1. Emma grew up to be such a lovely lady! She's sooo pretty! Elle Fanning is growing up to be quite a lovely lady too! I just love Emma's new hair! So cute! :)

       ♥ Teresa ♥
    - Pretty Dandy -

  2. I prefer her with long hair...

    thank you for your comment!

  3. she's just so quintessentially british, love her! i didn't like that lacey thing she wore the most recent HP premiere though, must say :( xx

  4. she's so beautiful and has become a total icon! for sure. and i love when she gets angry or upset with ron in the harry potter movies. she's so cute!

    i live in providence and she goes to brown. i've been trying to run into her for a year or two now, but haven't yet. one day!!!



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