Monday, 4 October 2010

BNTM Post - And the winner is....

First off, I feel the need to apologise for completely neglecting the blogging for a few weeks. It was only partly my fault, Luke commandeered my computer for almost two weeks straight in order to write and re-write a job application. To be a researcher. On The Gadget Show. A boys gotta dream.

I wanted to blog tonight after watching the live final of Britain's Next Top Model. I have to say, I haven't been as impressed with this series of BNTM in comparison to last, even if the beautiful Elle Macpherson was supposed to give it a bit of a boost. The girls didnt seem to be quite as promising as, say, Jade McSorley, and not to mention Julian Macdonald gets RIGHT on my wick. He may be a decent designer (I'm not going crazy) but he's also the most irritating judge on the planet. WHY they decided to cast him in this role, I have no idea, he's simply vile. Didn't they see him rip into the 'larger' girl on the second season Project Catwalk? Enough said.

Anyway, after much anticipation and a rather weird final set up forcing me to sit through not only McBoring McFly but TITCHY TINCHY STRIDER, the winner was finally announced as Tiffany Pisani, the formally blonde pixie-esque beauty from Malta.

I have to say, I was really pleased with the decision. Out of the three in the final, Tiffany was by far my favourite. Alisha probably would have been a worthy winner also, I'm just glad it wasnt Joy. I may be a fellow Yorkshire Girl but I don't really see the point in crowning a girl as a "next top model" when she hates runway. Mental.

Here are some of my favourite photographs of Tiffany taken throughout the competition:

What were your opinions on tonight's episode?

Speaking of Tinchy Strider, quite randomly, Luke was on stage on Saturday drumming for Quaino (a local R&B singer) who was supporting Tinchy - how random is that? They met the guy that organises T4 on the Beach too.

Finally, I couldn't end my post without mentioning that my Etsy store is now, finally, open!!! Check out the jewellery I make for sale now at

I'll talk about that more in my next post :-)

Bedtime for me I think,

Sweet Dreams,

Rach xxxxx

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