Sunday, 17 October 2010

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Most of you already know that my personal style is a complete mix of modern contemporary with a vintage twist... usually in the form of accessories. I like to mix things up and change my style with my mood, but my vintage accessory passion never goes away - whether in the form of a  bag, belt or gorgeous necklace. I also make my own Vintage-inspired charm and pendant necklaces which are available to buy from my Etsy shop

When it comes to making my own purchases I'm a sucker for a bargain and spend a lot of time trailing charity shops or sifting through page after page on Ebay. It requires the patience of a saint though, and if you're willing to spend a bit more rather than embark on a time-eating exploration, then they're a few REALLY good online shops out there that offer some beautiful pieces.

My latest find comes in the form of Stardust - an online boutique for vintage and retro accessories. They have some GORGEOUS items, and although they're a little over what I would usually spend, the shop is definitely worth a look.

Here are some of my favourite items:

Price: £35.00 

This bag certainly wont be everyones cup of tea, but I absolutely adore it. It's made almost completely from Bamboo and  is so unusual that it's unlikely you'll find one too similar elsewhere.

Price: £26.00

Price: £12.00 

 Price: £28.00

Price: £75.00

Price: £22.00

See anything you like?

I decided to update the blog design again today... this time I'm going for a simple black-and-white theme so as not to distract from the photos I post. I really enjoyed making the banner up top, and it's a little different from what I've gone for in the past. What do you think?

Thank you so much to my followers for your support and for taking the time to comment... I really appreciate it!

Night all,
Lots of Love,

Li'l Rach


  1. Love those picks! It's a great store :-) and really like the new design of the blog too!

  2. wow, such good prices for such nice stuff! xx

  3. Thanks for the comment! I think it would fit a size two. 34" bust, 26" waist 34" hips. Very petite!


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