Thursday, 14 October 2010

Mini-Maxi? - Long dresses for short girls!

So, earlier this week I left a comment on the lovely Clare Astra's blog after she posted photos of herself in a lovely Maxi dress. It got me thinking. Basically, my issue with Maxi dresses is that I've rarely seen a nice maxi dress made for a petite girl. At 5 foot 3, every Maxi dress I've seen that I've liked, has seemingly been made for a giant, whereas I'm a wee little mouse! In Petite sections, there only ever seems to be a choice of one or two and they never seem to have any "wow" factor. Maybe small girls just aren't supposed to wear long dresses... but you know what happens when someone tells me I can't wear something? It makes me all the more determined to.

Anyways, I decided to take a more in-depth look at what Maxi dresses are actually available to buy online for petite women (most of my previous endeavours have been while looking in-store) and here are a few I've found that I actually like....

Petites Coral Printed Maxi
Was £32.00, Now £15.00

Petite One Shoulder Maxi Dress
Price: £28.00

Dorothy Perkins 
Was £33.00, Now £15.00



WAS £60.00 NOW £18.00


  WAS £50.00 NOW £26.00

South Petite Aztec Print Maxi Dress

So it turns the answer is you CAN find maxi dresses for us petite girls - provided you're prepared to look. A lot of the major high street brands don't stock petite maxi dresses at all (nevermind ones you actually like, and many had no 'Petite' section whatsoever. I couldn't find anything from New Look, Debenhams, Mango, Reiss or Monsoon.

I particular like the last three dresses.... I'm really tempted to click the 'buy' button. If only I'd done this at the start of summer! Perhaps I should purchase the long-sleeved Aztec maxi and channel Bohemian Chic for Autumn? What do you think?

I hope I helped you shorties find something beautiful :-)

Lots of Love,

Little Rach xxxxxxxxx


  1. LOVE that ASOS belted one! .... that with heeled tan laced up boots would look AWESOME! GET IT!!


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  3. great post! Ive been in trouble all summer finding the perfect maxi dress.. ANd i nevcer did. SO just bought them even if they were waaaaay too long and then I cut them and shortened them myself...

    Lovely blog!
    Im your newest follower!:)
    Do you follow me too?


  4. thanks for ur comment! nice blog ang I like your concept of long dresses for short girls hahaha (im very concerned about this!) keep on touch with pleasure!

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  6. Some of those seem like they could make a nice Cocktail Dress. Not but some. I know my girl friend would like to have a dress like that, in fact I think she does.


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