Monday, 31 May 2010

It's been a lovely day today - Luke and I joined his sisters, their partners and the wee one for a trip to Clumber Park! It could have been a little warmer but it was lovely to relax and walk and catch up!! I'm not usually a dog person but Leyla (Bec's Pup) is SO cute and SO well behaved. She's kind of adorable.

Anyway, I've been going a little crazy lately with Ebay et al and I could do with slowing down a little! I just keep finding so many pretty things i want to buy - I'm going to end up with no savings at all!

Even as I type this, I've just added the dress below to my "shopping bag" on - Internet shopping is so dangerous!

Isn't it pretty? The print is lovely - it's one of Fearne Cotton's designs and I have to say, I'm liking some of her items! I paticularly like the dress below, though it's not really within my price range.

Another item I've almost just "bagged" (ha) is the vintage style bag below, also by Fearne Cotton. I decided against it in the end as when it comes to bags i tend to prefer actual vintage rather than faux vintage. Bags are the kind of items I like to think would have a few stories to tell!! ;)

I do think it'a quite pretty though, with a chanel-esque feel to it.

I'm hoping the sun will shine for the rest of the week (while I'm actually not at work!) and I will possibly have a vintage-in-the-sun post by the end of the week! Here's hoping...

Little Rachael


  1. wooo I'm loving that dress in your shopping bag! Did you buy it yet? I know how dangerous online shopping is, so my way to stay out of danger zone is NOT to start looking.. lol Because whenever I start looking around shopping websites and searching then I find so many stuff I feel like I can't live without! haha

  2. That Fearne Cotton dress with the scalloped collar kills me. It's so cute. Online shopping will literally be the death of me- such a great invention but seriously stupid at the same time.


  3. Derya - Yes, I bought it!! hehe. That was after buying two other dresses on Ebay so I got stern looks off the MR! :-p

    Olivia - Tellll me about it!! The invention of Paypal is even worse - I dont even have to input my bank details anymore. Click click and it's done!

    I've got much MUCH worse with internet shopping since I started blogging. I'm constantly looking for items to feature here and end up finding 5 other things that I MUST buy. :-p

    Thanks for your comment Alex, you should follow :)

  4. ouuu I love your blogg!!:$:$

  5. Lol sorry, but I'm from spain:=)
    follow u ok??



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