Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Why we all heart Topshop.

ALL NIGHT I've been itching to have a little scout on the Internet for fashion finds and bring you all a new post - and I haven't been able to as the lovely Luke has been hogging my laptop for hours!! In revenge, I have made him sit through Gossip Girl AND Glee. Sometimes I like to be girly!!

Another annoying habit he has, is, when I'm on the laptop and then leave it unattended (never a good idea) he comes along, looks up something, then closes Mozilla - including all the tabs I had open!! Grr. I've been mid-post twice already and he's clicked off my screen when I was in the bathroom!

Consequently, this post has ended up a lot shorter than I'd hoped - more to come tomorrow!

Before I go...
Here are three Topshop dresses that I absolutely adore... ;)

Denim Contrast Dress by Wal G £40.00




Esther Gather Dress by Yuki, £52.00



Happy Shopping!
Little Rachael


  1. That bandeau dress is gorgeous. I tried on a very similar dress today, but the pattern was no where near as nice.

  2. I actuallly made a REALLY similar dress to the first one hhhaha; my grandma had some old curtain/ table cloth material with that beautiful floral patter :P


  3. I love that floral dress. :D


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