Friday, 7 May 2010

Post 50!

Today is a good day! For one, it's Friday. That's always a good thing. Two, Little Rachael Vintage now has 12 followers on blogger and 108 on Facebook!! (not bad for a month's blogging). Thirdly, this is my 50th post!! Everyone loves a round number. Finally, and most excitingly, my memory card reader came today so i can FINALLY use my decent camera and pull the photos off it!!! Woo!

To celebrate, here's a little selection:

My collection of vintage buttons.

Jehane and I, on our way to a 1940's/50's night!

Vintage Disney necklace (From Florida)

Blue Eyes and Wavy Hair.....

I have friends staying this weekend so hopefully some lovely photos and a proper vintage post on Sunday!!

Enjoy your weekend honeys!

~ Little Rachael


  1. Oh look so lovely and almost Old Hollywood glamorous in the black-and-white dress. That lipstick really suits you.

  2. Thank you darling :) DO you like my shoddy attempt at a Victory Roll? ;)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the disney necklace! soooooo cute x

  4. I do! I wish I could get my hair to do something like that.

  5. Thanks Rachel! What a lovely blog you have! I'm going to make sure I follow you and keep up to date with your tips! Corinne x

  6. cute hair! so adorable


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