Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Little Rachael Pendants!

I'm incredibly excited about this post.... I've been working on it for most of the evening as I wanted to get the photography and graphics just right. Eeee, here we go!

You may remember that a while ago I hinted at the possibility of Little Rachael Vintage-Style pendants and charm necklaces, even showing you a couple of teasing photos of "stock" I had bought in! Well after all that build up and suspense (and finally finding some time to work on my creations) I can now give you, my loyal readers, the first exclusice look into the kind of pieces you can expect to be on sale by the summer.

However, Just to keep the suspense going for a LITTLE bit longer, I thought I would show you THIS first:

This is the design I've made today for the printed postcards I will be sending out with each order, Just to give it that personal touch and, of course, a little self promotion couldn't hurt! What do you think? Obviously it wont be that small!

And now on to the the most exciting part (for me anyway) - Little Rachael Pendants. First off, I thought I would show you a photo of my "workstation" as I like to call it!

Stalling aside, here are the first items in my collection:

Black/Ivory Cameo Rose Pendant (with 24" gold plated thin link chain)

Madonna La Zingarella gold plated locket (with 18" gold plated thin link chain)
(image is based on Madonna La Zingarella by Roberto Ferruzzi)

Pearl Lady Cameo Pendant (With 24" gold plated thin link chain)

I've saved my personal favourite until last. I may have a hard time letting go of this one!

Dancer in Paris charm pendant necklace (with 18" gold plated thin link chain)

So there we go! I'm still working out prices for each necklace as the pendants and charms all cost me different amounts! What do you think? Your opinions are appreciated!

Bye for now,

Little Rachael


  1. I think they're just beautiful! Let me know how much you're going to ask for the rose pendant; I've been coveting it since you posted a picture of the charm after you bought it!

    get them on ebay FAST!

  3. I haven't really decided on prices yet - I basically need to find out how much international shipping will cost before I put them up! Individual offers are considered though, email me at :)

  4. The necklaces really are amazing.. We look forward to the opportunity to buy some!

    xx .sabo skirt.

  5. OH MY GOSH!!! I've fallen in love!!! Those necklaces are more then delicate and gorgeous and beautiful!!! I have no words for my raptue.


  6. I came across your blog today and I know its late but do you still have any charm pendant necklaces, as they are amazing...


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