Thursday, 17 June 2010

Sunny Days.

I'm crossing my fingers and toes for sunny weather this weekend so I can get out in the 'shine with my camera :) Today was really promising and the first day of the summer where I've worn a dress for work! Pity I'm stuck inside an office or exam hall all day!!

I managed to catch an hour after work this week to go shopping in town. Can I just say how much I'm LOVING Primark right now? I always think Primark is a bit hit-and-miss and in the past it's always been a place where I would have to hunt among rails of hideous clothing before I fell upon something I adored.

This week however, I walked into, quite literally, a different store. The Rotherham Primark shop has always had a bit of a jumble-sale style clothes-all-over feel to it. In recent weeks they've FINALLY gotten around to updating the decor/presentation and have replaced the old look with a chic, modern true high street feel. To go along with the new look store, they suddenly also seemed to have decided to sell a full range of quirky vintage and floral style clothing that's bang on-trend. I was very impressed, and walked out having spent nearly £50 but feeling like I'd grabbed some killer bargains!

Outfit posts will most likely come later in the week but for now, here are the dresses I bought, laid out on my bed!

The floral dress is really cute and flirty, and the pale denim is one of the best denim dresses I've found in any high street shop - for both style and fit. I love the pockets!
I wore the stripey dress for work today and I love that one too - though I did get a few "you look french" comments. haha. I'm not really sure what that means!!

Though I've found a few cute dresses, It has been a sad sad week for the shoe world. One of the straps on my beloved pale gold sandals snapped while I was at work - It was irreparable unfortunately. :( To add insult to injury, because the strap was snapped and couldn't be re-fastened, I couldn't really walk properly with the it flapping all over the place. As I still had a full working day to go and only one shoe I could reasonable walk in, I was forced to do THIS to my favourite shoes:

As you can see, the bottom photo is the intact shoe and the top photo is the shoe I had to take scissors to in order to be able to walk without tripping up!! :( so sad.

Father's Day on Sunday...... any ideas?!?

Happy Thursday!

Little Rachael xxxxxx


  1. my favorite must be the floral print dress, its just so very pretty . x

  2. My favorite in the striped dress. Love the feminine lace detail. <3

    -Dyanna Pure

  3. thank-you for your lovely comment, rachael! i'm so happy so many people understand me. some people just think that it's superficial, but how you look, and more importantly your self confidence and self esteem really is a big deal. you are also very beautiful, my dear :)

    i love love love what you picked up, especially the lace cardigan and stripy dress!

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  4. Adorable!!! Lovely purchases <333


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