Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunny weekend!

Sorry for my lack of blogging this week... I've been super busy for once! Becky came round Wednesday and Thursday to watch multiple episodes of Project Catwalk, haha. We both love analysing that show... we're addicted! On Friday, Luke and I spent a few hours sitting in the sun in Ben and Vicky's garden drinking beers and painting faces!! Vicky was practising Face Painting for an arts and crafts event she's doing on Sunday! I ended up going home with a multicoloured abstract piece painted across my face!!

On Saturday, we went to Jehane and Adams barbecue which was lovely as we haven't seen them in a while!!

Nude lace cover up, Primark
Stripy vest top, vintage
High-Waisted shorts, Miss Selfridge
Shoes, George at Asda.
Necklace, RegalRose, via Ebay

The guy on the left is Adam, the one on the right is Luke :-)

Today we went to my mum and dad's to watch the Football. I hate football, and have reluctantly gotten sucked in against my will. This game reminded me exactly why I hate football!! More than enough said on that subject, I think.

I've just been browsing the New Look website for some bargains, and have to say that, although they are still very hit-and-miss when it comes to finding beautiful clothing, they seem to have upped their game a little lately.

I'm currently lusting after these items....

Floral Ruffle Neck Sundress

Crop Floral Vest


 Ladder Knit Top


Chiffon Ruffle Top


The Fairest Crop Jumper

 I realise I still haven't listed my collection on Ebay... bare with me! Little Rachael Pendants will be on sale very, very soon.

Happy Shopping!!

Little Rachael xxxx


  1. Love the ladder knit top! might have to check that one out in the flesh!


  2. Wow... I wish I could force myself to look at the featured pieces (which are all fabulous, I'm sure), but I'm too busy being distracted by how cute Adam is! Why don't I live in England, again?

    Are all the boys there that cute?

  3. I really like your outfit and that dress is so cute! xx

  4. Hey girlie ! U got an awesome personal style ! It's so nice that not everyone is wearing always outfits that are in fashion right now. U.R.COOL.

    what do u say, let's follow each other ?


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