Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Little Rachael Collection!!

I've spent most of the weekend adding to the "Little Rachael Collection" as I've dubbed it! Below are photos of more of the pendants and charms that I've made and will (eventually!!) be selling. I'm having to convince myself to part with them to be honest, they're so cute and kitsch and exactly my style!

Butterfly necklace (on approx 17" small link gold plated chain)

Beautiful "Ship at Sea" brass pendant (on 18" small link gold plated chain)

French Vintage Pendant (on 24" gold plated small link chain)

"Raining in Paris" Pendant (on 24" gold plated small link chain)

Vintage Microphone pendant (on 24" small link gold plated chain)

Glass Chilli Pepper Pendant (on 18" antiqued brass small link chain)

Brass Wagon Pendant (on 18" antiqued brass small link chain - + brass horeshoe charm)

Eiffel Tower Earrings - Antiqued Brass charms & earring hooks - (the same design will soon be available in gold plating)

Kitsch brass spoon earrings - antiqued brass earring hooks.

Do you like?! :)

Little Rachael xxxxx


  1. They are so cute, great job! I think they'd look great layered 2 or 3 of them together at different lengths, especially for summer with basic tank tops!

  2. Those are great! Love the butterfly and especially the microphone :-)

  3. Cute neaklaces!! I love the butterflies! :) xoxo

  4. Hi Rachel,
    Send us your photos and we will publish in our "Share Your Vintage Look"

    Bye for now

  5. wow you had great collection of rings and necklaces great nice post i like it its really cool

  6. When you figure out pricing, I'm really interested in a few of those... some for me, and some for gifts :)

  7. I ADORE you Lauren! :) And I will, I promise!

    Thank you for all the lovely comments xxx

  8. loved them!!! specially the ones on the first photo ♥ really nice! too bad I can't buy them :(

  9. Oh, I adore you, too! Did Laura tell you that we're making plans to go to the Harry Potter theme park this winter? COME WITH US!

  10. Lovely photos, They are GORGEOUS :)
    Sorry for the late reply for the comment you left. Panda LOVES you!!!
    Panda xxx

  11. Such cute pieces <3 Hopefully not that pricy ... because I am really intersted.

  12. oh my goodness, those are ADORABLE.

  13. Those are absolutely charming! Great job! Looking forward to visiting your shop!

    ♥ Teresa ♥

  14. you made these? they are amazing! xxx


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