Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Little Rachael Pendants!

I just spent over £20.00 at http://www.myvintagecharms.com/. If you like making your own jewellery then this website sells a wide range of vintage style charms from tiny brass Eiffel Towers to alice-in-wonderland cameos. They're beautiful! I've ordered a wide selection - I'm thinking of making my own vintage style necklaces with the charms and pendants I bought! If I sell any on Ebay, I'll be sure to let you know!!

Here are some of the charms/pendants I bought:

Head over to http://www.myvintagecharms.com/ and speeeeennnnd!

Happy Shopping

Little Rach


  1. They're gorgeous and I've just been on the site, they're such good prices! Now to find some nice chains and plain bracelets to put them on...

  2. I know, the prices are really cheap! I was little dissapointed that all the little Eiffel Towers were out of stock though... so cute!


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