Thursday, 22 April 2010

Spolight on: Bluebird Vintage

One of my favourite independent online vintage shops at the moment is Bluebird Vintage. They have THEE MOST GORGEOUS vintage clothing on that site - I could easily spend all my money there. Unfortunetly for me, the shop owners are based in the US, and the clothes are expensive enough - I don't think I could afford shipping on top of that!!! Ack. So, for all you stateside - here are some of my favourite items from Bluebird:

I absolutley adore this next dress, and needed to include it, even though it's sold out!!

I think I am in love with these!!! If only I had a bottomless pit of funds ;-) IF you live in the US you should definitley treat yourself to one of these!! *cough* LAUREN. :)

Happy Shopping!!

Little Rach xxx


  1. I found the cutest seller on Etsy. Just had to share it with you.

  2. Got my necklace in the mail today and it's gorgeous! I have you to thank for it, love <3

    I'll have to email you a picture soon. I LOVE it1

  3. <3 Yayy! At least I helped someone find a bargain buy!! I want photos so I can feature you! :-p

  4. I remember seeing a checked dress that comes quite high up to the neck. Its main feature colour is red. Its a gorgeous dress and i was wondering if you had any clue where i can find it? It is blue vintage.
    If you do, help would be real appreciated :) thanx


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