Sunday, 18 April 2010

Etsy Loving

As you probably already know, is the Ebay equivalent for all things vintage, unique and handmade. For serious vintage hunters, it's definitely worth checking out. Most of what I love on Etsy seems to be incredibly expensive but I've been hunting around and here are some Etsy finds that are a bit more price-friendly:

Vintage Black Slip - Deco Bust, $28.00 USD

SALE Vintage black dress tunic with gold detail and POCKETS medium large, $16.00 USD

Italian VINTAGE Belt - genuine leatherm $28.00 USD

Two Vintage 1950s/1960s Pearl and Flower Brooches FREE SHIPPING to U.S. $12.00 USD

Happy Shopping!

~ Little Rachael


  1. I was just browsing Etsy today and saw so many things I wanted. I can't wait until I have a career and can afford pretty things for myself :)

  2. Yeah except then you have a house and bills and TAXES! :-p

    I adore that tunic - I may have bought it if it was my size.

  3. Well, I left out that when I have a career, I will also have found a very handsome, very rich man to pay for my house and bills and taxes. THEN I will buy pretty things for myself =P

  4. Haha - I will never have that. Luke is many many wonderful things, being good with money is NOT one of them.


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