Sunday, 25 April 2010

I think I just fell in love.....

Today's find is - I was hooked the minute I laid eyes on their delightful banner - and that was before i even began browsing their adorable dresses!!

All are affordable - similar to high street prices you'd find in places like Topshop and Mango - the main problem for me would be that I'd have to pay for shipping on top of that. Some of their 'sale' items may tempt me though!!!

My favourites of their dresses are below.

Wedding Singer Dress, $36.49, reduced from $72.99

Black Diamond Day Dress, $37.49 reduced from $74.99

The next three are divine, but regrettably all are currently out of stock :(  (You can see why!)
There's a dim light at the end of the tunnel though - you can choose to sign up for email alerts on your favourite dresses and Mod Cloth will notify you when they come back in stock!

Late Afternoon Dress - $49.99 - currently out of stock

Corner Booth Dress, $61.99 - currently out of stock

Charades Dress, $44.99 - currently out of stock

I came across Mod Cloth while I was searching for new online vintage shops, and found their site as they have a vintage section. Unfortunately, every item appeared to already have been bought and no matter what I sorted the clothing by (most love, price, a-z) everything still appeared to be 'sold'. Frustratingly, there's no option to sort the clothes by what's available, but perhaps that's because nothing was!! Out of the items there are, the ones I most wished had been available were the two dresses below.

Despite the lack of vintage items, the site is definitely worth a visit. I've only featured my favourite dresses here but Mod Cloth also carries a range of tops, trousers, skirts, knits, swimwear accessories and shoes.

Happy Shopping!

Little Rachael x


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