Thursday, 15 April 2010

A few pieces of my own!

A few of my own pieces - these are some of my favourite necklaces I've acquired in the last year or so.
I particularly love the Alice in Wonderland and the Owl-clock necklaces, which were both gifts from friends (they know me so well!). I have a feeling she bought the Alice in Wonderland (or possibly both) from Collard Manson, but I can't be certain. The black beeded necklace with the larger floral beads was one of my most exciting Ebay finds, the pearls were from a stall in Camden Market.

Alice in Wonderland:



  1. aww the owl clock one is so cute! I had a lady bug version of it, used the pendant on one of my necklace designs, it was sold right away at a show.. ;)

  2. I know, I love it! I have a bit of a thing about clock-orientated necklaces, they're so cute!! Useful too as I rarely wear a watch! :-p


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