Thursday, 15 April 2010

Spotlight on: Ebay seller RegalRose

In my last post, I mentioned an Ebay sellar named RegalRose. Well, I've just spent the last hour or so trying to talk myself out of spending yet more money on Ebay (it didn't work) and it's all thanks to the gorgeous creations that RegalRose has for sale! This seller was easily the best find of the day - they sell a wide range of vintage and retro inspired jewellrey at very reasonable prices. I've caught myself thinking that I wish I'd found this seller before Christmas as I can think of half a dozen of my friends that would adore one of their pieces as a gift. I've already bookmarked them thinking ahead to who has the next birthday!

Their necklaces are adorable! I've already purchased the peacock necklace I listed in the last blog, and I'm currently trying to talk myself out of buying more. Yes, and it's 6am!

In case you're wondering, I'm not a bum who sleeps all day and writes blogs all night! (Or, more accuratley, I'm not ALWAYS a bum...) I actually work full time as an Examinations and Marketing Officer (It sounds a lot posher than it is! I work at the local community school). However, at the moment Luke and I both have the rest of the week off work for Easter. (Luke also works in education and so gets most of the school holidays off. )

So anyway, although when we're working we have to be up bright and early like the rest of the world, we're naturally both very nocturnal people. We always find that when the holidays roll around we, without even realising, fall into a pattern of sleeping all day and staying up into the early hours! It's never something we plan - Luke usually gets sucked into whatever new PS3/XBox game he has and I always find I'm more inspired to write at night! Add that to our inherent laziness and love of a good snooze and this is what happens!

As of tomorrow we've promised ourselves to turn this bad habit around and get our body clocks back in order in time for work on Monday (easier for him than for me - he doesn't start work until 10!!). We'll see how that plays out...
ANYWAY, back to the topic in question, here are some of my favourite items currently being sold by RegalRose:

VINTAGE White Beads,Kitsch,Cute Red Bow Charm Necklace. Buy-it-now £6.99

(This is so cute!!!)

QUIRKY Clock Pendant Vintage Locket Necklace,Long,Cute Buy-it-Now £7.99


  1. Lovely blog! I can't wait to see what else you post!

    Do you know of any good vintage shops on eBay or Amazon in the US? I doubt I could afford international shipping rates, lol

    Miss you loads! <3 Lauren

  2. I generally sift out all the US Ebay shops for the same reason but when I get a minute I'll look into it and bring you a feature ;)

    Miss you too LV! :-p I was thinking about you the other day - I was trying to convince Luke to take me to the Harry Potter World! hehe <3 Rach xx

  3. If you and Luke come to the Harry Potter World you will be more than welcome to stay at my place! I'll actually be moving to Orlando (where the park is!) in December if I get accepted to the University of Central Florida for the spring semester.

    And a US feature would be swell :) You know, if you ever get the time hehe

  4. If you're serious about that we would jump at the chance to come stay with you :) It would be amazing to visit you and I don't think we could afford it otherwise - if we had somewhere to stay we could just about afford the flights/stay!! <3 <3

  5. I am totally serious! I won't be moving until the end of the year, as I'm already registered for the next two semesters at my current university, though.

    I would LOVE for you and Luke to come visit; maybe with enough notice, we could get Laura to come, too! That would be amazing to have the three of us all go to Harry Potter World together!


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