Friday, 16 April 2010

Me Today!

Luke and I went shopping together today - he complained I took too long to get ready!

Me today :-p

Wearing: white, 80s style batwing jumper (New Look) Black shorts (Primark), crazy tights from a shop in Amsterdam and vintage scalf.

I wanted to wear these shoes but would not have been able to walk in them for longer than half an hour!

vintage style purple and wooden sandles, TK Max.
The photos are pretty crappy - I'm stuck using the Kodak because I can't find the camera lead to get photos off the Lumix :(
Heading out now for a drink with the lovely Jehane (and still need to get ready!!). A little boring today! - More interesting posts tomorrow.
- Little Rachael

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  1. Could you be any prettier?! Seriously... I'm so jealous of both your looks and your killer sense of style. I wish I could pull off looks like that.


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